About Sustainability

Environmental Product Compliance

We are committed to upholding and promoting policies which protect the environment. Our dedication to environmental compliance includes engaging in internal, corporate-wide initiatives, as well as adhering to and championing global standards established for the OEM community.


Achieving eco-sustainability is dependent upon our ability to meet current needs, without hindering the ability to meet the needs of future generations in terms of economic, environmental, and social challenges. At ADTRAN, we believe that it is not only possible to do this but that it is necessary. As an innovator of networking products, we understand it is our responsibility to provide businesses with solutions that not only support eco-sustainability efforts but do so in an affordable, responsible, and ethical manner. Part of our product sustainability initiatives involve efforts to improve product design, product packaging, materials design, and comply with energy ratings for reduced carbon emissions and increased material and energy conservation.

The resulting "green" or eco-sustainable technologies can then be used to help other businesses:


  • Reduce their carbon footprints
  • Lower their power consumption
  • Minimize their impact on the environment

Product Compliance

We provide products that conform to environmental directives across the globe. RoHS or the Restriction of Hazardous Substances is an initiative to reduce the use of Lead (Pb) and other substances commonly used in electronics industry. We have been providing RoHS compliant products since its inception in 2006. We also adhere to other sustainability initiatives including WEEE, REACH and Conflict Minerals.
Country Initiatives/Directives
China RoHS
Dodd-Frank Act

Banned and Monitored Substances

We recognize the need to identify and control the chemicals (substances) used in our products and/or packaging. Due to the large number of substances being monitored and growing every year, our Black and Grey substance list will be continuously updated as new substances are identified. This Black and Grey list specifies substances which ADTRAN has banned, restricted or targeted for reduction.

These restrictions cover both known regulatory and specific ADTRAN requirements. We apply these mandatory requirements worldwide.

Scope of the Black and Grey Lists:
  • Products (Including components, parts, subassemblies and accessories): Substances present in the product
  • Packaging (Transport): Substances present in packaging materials

The sections of the lists are defined as follows:

Restriction in force: This identifies substances that are banned or restricted in applications (components, materials (solders, pastes, etc.), parts, subassemblies and accessories) related to ADTRAN products and/or packaging
Monitored substances: This identifies substances which we expect, based on reasonable facts, to be reduced and phased out from our products and/or packaging, subject to the availability of technically, environmentally, and economically sound alternatives. Suppliers are strongly advised to investigate suitable alternative solutions.

Supplier Responsibilities

We exercise due diligence before any supplier's component are selected for our products. Any component that doesn't meet the Black and Grey list or any other global environmental initiatives are excluded from ADTRAN's Environmental friendly products.

Suppliers must submit these documents for them to meet our Environmental compliance:
  • RoHS Documentation – Statement of Compliance (SoC) - Blanket or Component Specific
  • Letter of Conformance to our Black and Grey List
  • Must have an EICC on File that shows compliance to Conflict Minerals

Product Based Environmental Management System Contact:
Vernon Saunders, Component Engineer, Product Environmental Compliance, 256-963-8119



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ISO 14001

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