Our Operations Group is serious about sustainability. Waste management, water/energy conservation and emission control/carbon footprint reduction are the initial focal points of initiatives designed to foster a green supply chain. Efforts to redesign our logistics system continue as localization of material supply, direct shipment of customer orders and optimizing transport modes will combine to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Manufacturing process and scheduling improvements are being reviewed as we work to drive efficiencies and optimize asset utilization to conserve energy. These enhancements combined with the expansion of paperless process initiatives across all departments and comprehensive recycling efforts are keys to waste management. We strive to reduce tonnage to landfill and increase material reuse/recycling. Our efforts extend beyond internal departments as we launch supplier surveys to better understand our extended carbon footprint; monitor initiatives of our key supply chain partners; and establish comprehensive supplier standards.

  • Energy consumption reductions via heating, air conditioning, and lighting improvements.
  • Recycling program for corrugated cardboard and white paper.
  • Recycling program for plastic, metal, colored paper, batteries, and ink cartridges.
  • Clean air quality and emissions via filtering systems.
  • Lake aquatic vegetation management via grass eating fish.
Information Technology
  • Server Virtualization - IT continues to leverage virtualization technologies to consolidate the number of physical servers deployed at ADTRAN. Consolidation reduces the amount of energy used in both powering the servers and cooling the data centers.
  • Equipment Recycling Program - IT recycles decommissioned PCs, monitors, servers and various other electronic components. The recycling program has been in existence since 2004.
  • LCD Monitors - Over the last several years, IT has been purchasing LCD monitors in conjunction with all new PC systems.  Existing CRTs are being replaced with LCDs as they reach the end of their lifecycle.