About Sustainability

As we follow our vision to enable a fully connected world, we embrace sustainability. As more people are connected, work and life can be accomplished using fewer resources.

On the journey to our vision, we must continue to be a responsible corporate citizen of the world.

We will accomplish this in the typical ADTRAN entrepreneurial, reliable and ethical way by:

  • Using our Environmental Management System (EMS) as a tool to support our initiatives as we explore and understand environmental issues and adapt our processes
  • Developing and delivering products that meet our customer requirements, while incorporating material and energy conservation initiatives
  • Striving to communicate and incorporate sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain
  • Continually reviewing our operations to increase efficiencies through our Continuous Improvement teams. Improving and protecting our environment while conserving natural resources using our unique ADTRAN culture
  • Educating, developing and empowering our employees, and thus enabling them to identify and adopt best practices that will enhance sustainability
  • Maintaining our financial responsibility to our shareholders and employees while supporting our sustainability initiatives


Our Operations Group is serious about sustainability. Waste management, water/energy conservation, and emission control/carbon footprint reduction are the initial focal points of initiatives designed to foster a green supply chain. Efforts to redesign our logistics system continues as localization of material supply, direct shipment of customer orders, and optimizing transport modes are combined to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Manufacturing processes and scheduling improvements are being reviewed as we work to drive efficiencies and optimize asset utilization to conserve energy. These enhancements combined with the expansion of paperless process initiatives, across all departments, and comprehensive recycling efforts are keys to waste management. We strive to reduce tonnage to landfill and increase material reuse/recycling. Our efforts extend beyond internal departments as we launch supplier surveys to better understand our carbon footprint, monitor initiatives of our key supply chain partners, and establish comprehensive supplier standards.


  • Energy consumption reductions via air conditioning, heating, and lighting improvements
  • Recycling program for corrugated cardboard and white paper
  • Recycling program for batteries, colored papper, ink cartridges, metal, and plastic
  • Clean air quality and emissions via filtering systems

Continuous Improvement Teams

We have implemented continuous improvement teams to study our internal processes to reduce waste, improve product quality and cost. By empowering these teams it allows for faster response times and a timely release for innovative products and services. From Environmental initiatives to supply chain management to design reviews, we are always looking for improvements that will focus on our 4 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink
  • Reduce - Use less and save resources that cannot be totally eliminated
  • Reuse - Extend the usable life of natural, company resources by using the material in other applications
  • Recycle - Transform the material into another useful form after their initial application life and reducing landfill space for waste
  • Rethink - Reconsider a better way of doing things. Consider options to reduce resource and energy use as well as costs
    • The Five Core Dimensions of Sustainability

      We are committed to continuous improvement of our business operations through measurable environmentally and socially sensitive performance for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society at large. 
      5 Core Chart



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      ISO 14001

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