Corporate Overview

Logo Standards

Domestic and International Approved Logo Use

The ADTRAN Logo is the identifying mark of ADTRAN, Inc. The following guidelines are provided for use of the logo in electronic formats. The PMS 315 version is the PRIMARY USAGE version and should be used in most applications.

Choosing a Logo

Choose the color and/or logo size, and download the ready-to-use electronic art.

Refer to our Logo Standards Guide for more logo standards and usage guidelines.

If you have any questions, email [email protected] for further information.

Download Logo Files

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(without registered trademark)

Guidelines for Logo Use

To maintain corporate consistency, product recognition and world-wide marketability, use and reproduction of the ADTRAN logo are regulated. The following information provides specific guidelines for the use of the logo including size, color, placement, and layout information.

The ADTRAN logo must always appear in all capital letters. The ADTRAN logo is not to be distorted in any way.


The ADTRAN logo may only be used or printed in one of three colors: ADTRAN teal (PMS 315), black or white.

Color Variations

The corporate identity consists of the logo set in ADTRAN teal, black and white. The logo should be reproduced in ADTRAN teal (PMS315) or black whenever possible.

To ensure that the logo is always legible and accurately reproduced, use the teal or black ADTRAN logo on a white back-ground. When placing the ADTRAN logo on a dark background, use the white logo. This will provide a clean contrast compared to the teal or black logo. When the ADTRAN logo is placed on a photographic image, the image behind the logo must be light enough to provide contrast for the positive logo or dark enough to provide contrast for the reverse logo.

Clear Space

To ensure the ADTRAN logo has consistent, optimal legibility and prominence, an area of clear space should be maintained around the logo. This distance should be equal to or greater than the 1/3 the height (indicated by "X" to the left).

Minimum Size

A logo that is too small has little or no impact. Minimum logo size is .75" in wide.

Registered Trademark

The registered trademark is to be used with the logo when used in North and South America, and is under two feet in width. If the logo width is greater than two feet, or the logo is used outside of North or South America, it is to be used without the registered trademark.